Dr. Serine Warwar, Ph.D. C.Psych., Director

Dr. Warwar is a registered psychologist who is a faculty member of the Emotion-Focused Therapy Institute with the York University Psychology Clinic at York University, the Alberta Institute for Emotion-Therapy, and the Norwegian Institute for Emotion-Focused Therapy. Dr. Warwar has been working for 25 years with Dr. Leslie Greenberg, a world renowned clinician and researcher who co-developed Emotion-Focused Therapy for Individuals and Couples. Dr. Warwar and Dr. Greenberg co-developed an Emotion-Focused Therapy and research program for forgiveness to help couples and individuals resolve emotional injuries.

Dr. Warwar conducts international trainings and workshops for therapists on individual and couples in Emotion-Focused Therapy. She has been a therapist and researcher for several Emotion-Focused Therapy randomized control trials, for the treatment of depression, and emotional injuries in individuals and couples.  In addition, she has conducted process-outcome research that has contributed to a better understanding of what leads to good outcome in therapy. She has published in the following areas: what in-session factors lead to change in therapy; emotional processing in therapy; emotion regulation; resolving emotional injuries and forgiveness in couples; and borderline personality disorder. Dr. Warwar has a special interest in identifying in-session skills that produce positive changes in therapy. She also supervises and consults with other therapists seeking to increase their expertise in therapy.

Dr. Warwar is experienced in working with a wide variety of issues in both individual and couples therapy.  Her approach is empathic, compassionate, collaborative and evidence-based. She helps people access and build on their strengths, develop resiliency, and increase emotional intelligence. She also helps people enhance their personal and professional effectiveness by helping them to be their best selves.

Dr. Warwar is a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, the Ontario Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, the International Society for Emotion-Focused Therapy, the Society for Psychotherapy Research, and the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration.