MEGHAN OLIVER, Clinical Care Coordinator

Meghan Oliver is our clinical care co-ordinator and is the first point of contact for new referrals. She is empathic and warm and aspires to help you feel understood, validated, and safe. She will address any questions you may have about the clinic or the therapy process. She works closely with the team to connect you with a therapist who can best help you with your concerns and goals.

Meghan will be applying to graduate studies in Clinical Psychology in 2020. Throughout her honours B.A., Meghan has worked with children and families at a number of mental health agencies, including the Grandview Children's Centre, Kindercare Pediatrics Psychology Clinic and Child Development Institute. These experiences have inspired her interest in studying empirically-based interventions that can help individuals to heal old wounds that are getting in the way of their relationships with loved ones. 

She is currently conducting clinical research at York University in the Trauma and Attachment Clinic where she is examining how parental trauma history relates to children’s treatment outcomes following brief Emotion-Focused Family Therapy. As part of her research, Meghan is interviewing adult caregivers about their attachment and trauma experiences.